Disability Advocacy Review - Sydney and Western Sydney Consultations



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You are invited to participate in a forum to share your thoughts and ideas about Disability Advocacy in NSW.

The NSW Ageing and Disability Commission is conducting a Review into disability advocacy in NSW.

The Review will help me to better understand the purpose, functions and future needs of disability advocacy, and associated services, across NSW. This Review is also exploring how advocacy funding and services are delivered, which will aid in making recommendations for the future.

What are these forums about?

WestWood Spice has been asked to assist my Commission in running a series of forums across metro and regional NSW. These forums will involve a range of people working as advocates, service providers, self-advocates as well as representative organisations.

We will be coming to you and are keen to hear ideas and thoughts about:

  • What are the current advocacy needs of people living with disability in NSW?
  • How would you describe the role (or roles) of advocacy for people with disability in NSW?
  • What are advocates unable to do, or fulfil in meeting the needs of people with disability living in NSW? Why is this difficult? What would need to change to solve this?
  • How do you know advocacy is working, or not working, in your area? What type of outcome measures could we apply to help evaluate effectiveness?

We will be coming to the following locations, please select where is most convenient for you.

  • Sydney Central Tuesday October 8 2019
  • Western Sydney Friday October 11 2019
  • Sydney Central Friday October 25 2019

Registration from 9:30am 
Meeting from 10:00am - 2:00pm

Thank you for taking part in the discussion.

Robert Fitzgerald, AM.